Saturday, August 2, 2008

Troops capture LTTE's last stronghold in Mannar District

Reaching to another significant milestone of the Wanni liberation operation, the heroic army soldiers in task Force 1 captured the Vellankulam town, the LTTE's last stronghold in Mannar District this afternoon, August 02.

According to the latest information received from the Mannar front, following the fierce gun battle occurred during last few day, troops have advanced into the Vellankulam town area this afternoon despite the stiff resistance given by the terrorists to protect the strategically important build-up area which has direct supply route between western cost and Mankulam via Thunukkai and Mallavi.

At least 30 LTTE terrorists were killed and more terrorists have withdrawn via see routs with their casualties due to the effective fire power launched by the troops, ground sources said.

Two main fortified LTTE camps were located in the Vellankulam town area and LTTE terrorists withdrawn loosing after Vidattaltivu and Illuppaikkadavai had reorganized in the Vellankulam area to make resistance for the advancing troops.

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