Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tigers shift smuggling base from TN to Kerala

Tamil Nadu Police Chief K. P. Jain was quoted by the Indian Express (IE) yesterday as having said that the LTTE had shifted its smuggling base from Tamil Nadu to Kerala due to strict vigilance along the Tamil Nadu coast and continuous monitoring of LTTE sympathisers in the State.

Jain, the IE said, had pointed to the arrest of a sea tiger, Daniel alias Tambianna of Kilinochchi, who had used Kochi and Tiruvananthapuram coast for building their boats.

The IE report said:

Recalling that police seized a boat built by the LTTE at Munambam near Kochi for smuggling, a senior police officer told The Indian Express that the Tigers used Kochi and Tiruvananthapuram coasts for building their boats.

The two states are not engaged in any joint operations to curb LTTE activities, the senior police officer said adding that the Tigers used Maldives as well due to its proximity to North Sri Lanka.

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