Saturday, August 2, 2008

Heavy clashes erupts in Wanni, troops encounter stiff resistance from terrorists

Heavy clashes have flared up in the South of Tunukkai and South of Mallavi areas since this morning (August 1), said the defence sources in the Vavuniya - Mannar battlefront.

According to the sources, troops of 57 division continuing their advance towards the strategically vital Tunukkai town and Mallavi town have come under stiff resistance from LTTE terrorists struggling to hold their strongholds. Terrorists have lobbed hundreds of mortars in order to slowdown the advancing soldiers. However, troops have effectively overpowered the terror attack and taken the situation under control, the sources added.

According to the available information, several soldiers have been killed and others suffered wounds due to the enemy mortar fire. The terrorists too have suffered serious damages. The battle is still on, the latest reports said.

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