Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tigers Do another “Vakare” on Mullaittivu Hospital

TIGER (LTTE) propaganda lobbyists appear to be once again doing overtime to tarnish the image of advancing Sri Lanka Army troops in MULLAITTIVU district, as fall of Tiger strongholds is imminent in the near future. This time it was MULLAITTIVU hospital.

The latest ruse by the Tigers has come to the fore with the publication of a story in their mouthpieces Friday (8) morning, claiming that troops in MULLAITIVU have fired artillery on MULLAITTIVU district hospital.

The Army categorically denies having fired any artillery rounds and contents of the LTTE canard. It also wishes to remind that Tiger terrorists in the same manner used the same tactic in VAKARE and MADHU when the troops were reaching VAKARE and MADHU areas. Terrorists in both those instances damaged the VAKARE hospital and most recently the sacred MADHU Shrine, just before the troops rolled in.

As of Friday (8), troops of the 59 Division are deployed in NITHKAYKULAM, about 15 km, south of MULLAITTIVU center and have in no way directed any artillery fire towards MULLAITTIVU or its suburbs, as stated in those false reports.

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