Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spurt of arrests indicates LTTE's increasing dependence on Indian sources for war material

The sudden spurt in the arrests of Tamil Tigers and their Indian associates in Tamil Nadu indicates the growing dependence of the Sri Lankan group on India to source its war materials, foreign media reported quoting Indian official sources.

It is a widely know fact that the LTTE terrorists appear to have stepped up efforts to procure a variety of goods and equipment from Tamil Nadu.

"The Economic Times" reveals that since July 1, seven Indian and Sri Lankan Tamils each have been taken into custody in Tamil Nadu. Of the Sri Lankans, four were from the LTTE, including a senior leader of the Sea Tigers known as Thambi Anna.

Thambi Anna is described as one of the most senior LTTE operatives ever to be caught in Tamil Nadu.

Quoting the Indian Home Ministry the newspaper said that both the Intelligence Bureau and the Tamil Nadu police were involved in making some of the arrests, including that of Thambi Anna.

The seven Indians taken into custody are those who decided to assist the Tigers for monetary benefits. None of them appeared to be ideologically committed to the LTTE cause, it is reported.

The Indo-Asian News Service, quoting officials, said that from the equipment seized from the arrested men, it looked as if the Tigers might be changing their communication mode to weed out electronic infiltration by Colombo.

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