Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Unprecedented Crowds in London Protest Against LTTE

THOUSANDS OF UK SRI LANKANS in London, with English friends protested against Tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka and urged authorities to crack down on their front organizations and fund raising activities. In London the protest was at the No 10 on Downing Street where a representative gathering handed over a memorandum on this to be delivered to the British premier.

Another demonstration took place in Paris. The demonstrators, carrying photographs of the victims of the most brutal killings of civilians by the Tamil Tigers urged the French and European Union to immediately ban the front organizations of the LTTE such as WTM, ORT (TRO of France), Tamil Sangham and other Tamil Eelam associations which are actively involved in money laundering, ransom and extortions from expatriate Tamils and foreigners.

They urged the French President Sarkocy, who is the current President of the European Union, to take effective action to stop ransom collections, money laundering, intimidation and harassment of innocent Tamils in France by the LTTE and its Mafia Gangs like Miinel, VVT Boys and Pambu.

The demonstration was organized jointly by United Sri Lankans comprising Sri Lankan associations and political party branches in France. A large number of second generation Sri Lankans under a banner of Sri Lankan youth in-France were the most vociferous. In addition to Sinlalese and Muslims several members of democratic Tamil political parties also took part in the demonstrations.

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