Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Forces regain Mundampiddy

MANNAR: The Security Forces operating north of Illuppaikaddavai yesterday captured the Mundampiddy area completely capturing the LTTE defences south of Vellankulam while capturing a section of Vellankulam Thunukkai from the east of Vellankulam, military sources from the Mannar-Vavuniya front said yesterday.

According to General Officer Commanding 58 Division troops have taken full control of the LTTE defence line in south Vellankulam which was constructed covering the two branches of the Pali Aru flowing to the sea from the South of Vellankulam.

The Forces also captured areas East of Vellankulam as they captured the Vellankulam – Thunukkai road which was used by the LTTE as a main supply route to feed their cadres operating north of Mannar in the North Western coast.

According to the military this is the first instance after the early 1990’s the Security Forces have captured a section of the Thunukkai -Vellankulam road.

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