Friday, August 15, 2008

Tunukkai about to fall

The strategic town of Tunukkai is about to fall. Sources indicated to this site that the town will fall within the next day or two. Already, small groups of Tigers are trying to escape the town as the army bypassed it and lay in ambush behind the town. Defence sources say that Tigers might abandon Tunukkai to fight another day and defend Kilinochchi.

If Tunukkai falls in the next few days, it won't take long for Mallavi to also fall. The fall of Mallavi will result in the fall of Mankulam on the A9. If the Army reaches the jungles at Mankulam and Kokavil, Kilinochchi will become untenable.

The Army took over control of the Vellankulam Tunukkai road last month. They are now in control of the Mulangavil-Tunukkai road. Units have also ventured into the Mallavi-Murugandi road. There is a famous Pullayar/Ganesha Kovil at Murugandi.

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