Friday, August 15, 2008

LTTE downfall imminent as more strongholds fall

*Tigers in propaganda campaign to halt Forces' advance;
*Civilians forcibly kept for use as human shield

There were many predictions two years ago when the Security Forces commenced military operations against the LTTE, that the Security Forces were going after the illusionary task of defeating the LTTE militarily.

But those predictions have become invalid with today's status quo of the military operations as troops go ahead with their military operations, unaffected by criticism and dire predictions, capturing those 'impregnable' fortresses one after the other.

There is a miraculous change in the attitude of those critics, within the past few weeks with reports indicating that the downfall of the LTTE is imminent at the hands of the Security Forces.

This sudden change of attitude came after the Security Forces stepped into the Kilinochchi district along the Mannar Pooneryn A-32 road after completing their mission of liberating the Mannar district.

Statistics indicate that the area under LTTE control has been reduced from 15,000 square kilometres two years back to 4,000 square kilometres reducing its fighting strength to 5,000 cadres.

Not only are they facing defeat in the North East but also facing setbacks internationally too losing their international support base with many countries banning the LTTE as a terror organisation and stopping funding sources of the organisation.

As the humiliating defeat of the LTTE is imminent it has commenced a desperate campaign to tarnish the image of the Security Forces, risking the lives of the innocent civilians trapped in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts.

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