Friday, August 1, 2008

Arrested LTTE operative wanted in various cases

The arrest of the chief of LTTE procurement module is being regarded by the Tamil Nadu police as a breakthrough of sorts as he was wanted in various cases of smuggling arms and other materials to Sri Lanka.

Thambianna alias Daniel (46), who clandestinely landed in Rameswaram by a ferry from Sri Lanka and came to Chennai later, was trailed by the police for a month.

Intelligence IG Jaffer Sait told reporters here that police did so to crack his contacts before arresting him.

"Most of LTTE cadre arrested in the state have been working under his control and he was trying to smuggle petrol this time. He was wanted in connection with smuggling of explosives, swimming and communication equipment among others and was a member of the Sea Tigers," Sait said.

He could not send the consignments from Ramanathapuram and was planning alternative routes through Tanjavur and Pudukottai.

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