Friday, July 25, 2008

57 Div Troops & Special Forces Capture Area to South of Mallavi Town

MANNAR: HEROIC TROOPS of the 57 Division and Special Forces in the MANNAR front, WANNI forging ahead triumphantly in areas to the north of VANNAKULAM, about 3 km to the south of MALLAVI town Thursday (24) afternoon brought a well-fortified LTTE stronghold area completely under control killing twenty-five terrorists and injuring a similar number.

Scores of Tigers who have also been reportedly motivated by LTTE’s Artillery Chief and MANNAR sector “BHANU,” just hours before valiant troops rolled on to that area could not resist the fire-power of the advancing troops. The fight for dominance in the area commenced as the first light on Thursday (24) fell when brave troops started their advance into Tiger controlled areas.

By 3.30 p.m. on Thursday (24) troops have collected seven dead Tiger terrorists, one 120mm weapon (artillery mortar), two 81mm mortars, forty-eight 120mm rounds, seventy-four 81mm ammunition rounds, four ICOM sets, two motorbikes, five T-56 weapons, one binocular, one tractor and many other explosive devices as the troops after fighting settled started clearing the area.

As this report was being pasted, troops in control of the area were consolidating their positions while carefully removing booby traps and other explosive devices infesting the area. Many more LTTE items, left behind by fleeing Tiger terrorists are yet to be collected by the troops.

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