Friday, July 25, 2008

12,000 Police contingent for SAARC security

SAARC security arrangements will be in effect from today with Police deploying 12,000 personnel in addition to a strong presence of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

Addressing the media yesterday at the Media Centre for National Security, Senior DIG Nimal Mediwake said all security and traffic arrangements had been made for the 15th SAARC summit in Colombo. There will be alternative routes and shuttle bus services from July 30 to August 4.

Commenting on the additional Indian security contingent for Indian Premier Manmohan Singh, DIG Mediwake said a full package of local security will be provided to him and other foreign delegations.

“Close protection of any Head of State is provided by their personnel and the number of the security personnel will be decided according to threat and security assessment they face,” he added. He said Parliament, BMICH, Kollupitiya and Fort areas had been declared as High Security Zones for the SAARC summit.

“The above mentioned areas will be for the use of foreign SAARC delegations’ meetings from July 30 to August 4.

During this period for the security and convenience of SAARC delegations public and vehicles will be not be allowed into those areas except for those whose working places and residences are located in the above mentioned HSZ’s,” he added.

DIG Mediwake pointed out that people working in the HSZ’s can access the area with their relevant company Identity Cards except employees of Galadari, Hilton and Inter Continental hotels. These hotel employees should obtain a special pass from Kollupitiya or Fort police stations.

He also said only a certain number of vehicles will be permitted to enter the HSZ’s during the SAARC summit and vehicle owners should obtain a special pass from the police of their respective areas.

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