Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quebec Tamil group used as front for Tigers: report

Sri Lanka's terrorist Tamil Tigers control the Montreal-based World Tamil Movement as one of their "foreign branches," in charge of raising funds for the war effort and spreading propaganda, according to documents seized by the RCMP.

In a 184-page affidavit unsealed by the Federal Court yesterday, RCMP Corporal Shirley Davermann details how the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam give instructions to Tamil activists in Canada, and how money is collected in Canada for the Tiger cause.

"The WTM is a foreign branch of the LTTE in Canada," she said, and its members follow written directives from the Tigers' leadership.

"In 2003, the LTTE issued a document called the 'Re-organization of foreign branches of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam' in which they dictate precisely how they want their foreign branches to be structured and operated. The Quebec branch of the WTM has been structured and operates as per the above-noted document."

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