Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prabhakaran’s “Imran Pandian Regiment” Terrorists Felled; 8.5 sq km Area Captured by Troops

IN WHAT CAN BE CALLED another major strike on LTTE terrorists being beaten off in the MANNAR sector, forward marching troops launched a massive attack on a group of terrorists in CHETTIYARKATTAIADAMPAN, southeast of GIANT TANK this morning (3) around 11.00 a.m.

At least fifteen Tiger terrorists, most of whom were from the so called terrorist military wing, “IMRAN PANDIAN regiment” were killed in the incident.

It is said that the so called terrorist military wing was the terrorist leader PRABHAKARAN’s most acclaimed “terrorist regiment”.

Terrorists have lost some of their vitally important areas such as VEPPANKULAM, KALLIKULAM, PIKKULAM and KARUKKANDAL during most recent confrontations with the troops who have already established their positions to the extent of 8.5 sq km, northwest of GIANT TANK.

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