Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nobel Prize Winners misled by LTTE sympathisers

Three Nobel prize winners, in a coordinated act, has issued a statement regarding electing Sri Lanka to the UN Human Rights Council. The timing has left the friends of Sri Lanka with very little or no time to respond. I have seen the response of some, to the views expressed by the Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu. The comments are as follows:

How can a person who fought against racism and imperialism support Tamil racism and expansion ?

Another asked the following valid questions, which are relevant to all three Nobel Nobel laureates.

* What are the grounds and facts on which you make this claim. Are your information first hand, second hand, third or otherwise?
* Who are your informers in Sri Lanka ? Or do you have your sources in distant lands ?
* Are these sources ( here or abroad) remote- controlled by hidden hands or hidden and spotted tails ? Clearly if the secondary source of data is incorrect, corrupt or deliberate lies then the receiver of this incorrect data would come to incorrect deductions.

If the citizens of Sri Lanka are worried by the manner in which GoSL deals with human rights, they have a mechanism to get rid of the government. The recent election victory showed that even in the areas controlled by LTTE until recently, the Tamil people elected the Government lead coalition party. This surely must say something. Even the Tamil people have confidence in the Government lead coalition.

The most serious threat to human rights come from terrorists who have taken away the basic human right of right life of many innocent civilians. Sri Lanka is fighting for survival, against a vicious terrorist organisation that is carrying out an undeclared war.

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