Thursday, May 22, 2008

JVP’s branch in Japan ceases funding, more to follow "May have to rob petrol sheds again"

The JVP yesterday received a heavy blow to its fund raising on the international front as its branch in Japan, which had poured in billions of rupees, severed all connections with the party over the ousting of Wimal Weerawansa and ten other MPs along with a large number of party members.

"Our comrades in Japan had directed all money they earned to the party fund. They were under orders to send their pay-packets home and were allowed only to keep a meager sum for subsistence. We funded all elections except for the recent polls to the Eastern Provincial Council.

Other than this the Japanese branch had loaned a large sum of money on various occasions at the request of party leader Somawansa Amarasinghe. Not a cent of the loans was repaid and we did not even request that the loans be repaid as we were clear about our priorities. Now we understand that our sacrifices had been misused," organiser of the JVP’s Japan Branch Saman Priyankara said in a letter addressed to JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva.

He said party leader Somawansa Amarasinghe had come under the grip of several top rankers acting like frogs in the well and he had mixed up the party’s priorities and had commenced to silence dissent against it.

"The leader of the party should have acted prudently and respected the opinion of the majority within the politburo and central committee. Instead he gave into several front liners. The end result was a major split in the party resulting in the loss of eleven MPs including Wimal Weerawansa, a large number of provincial and local government level representatives and full timers in almost all districts."

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