Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Govt. doubts LTTE has chemical weapons, but certain it is on last legs

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake yesterday said that as far as the Government is concerned there are no chemical weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction in the country.

Expressing his doubts on whether the LTTE has chemical weapons, he said he was certain of one thing, and that was, that the LTTE is on its last legs. "Our security forces have cornered them in their holes in a stretch of wilderness in the North of the country. We expect to be soon rid of this menace, weapons and all, but life must go on and people must always be alert," the Prime Minister said inaugurating Regional meeting of Asian Parliamentarians to discuss the National Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention in Colombo where he was the Chief Guest.

"There is no harm in talking about such things, to be aware, and to guard against possible evil intentions harboured by others now, or in the future," he said.

As described by the CIA, LTTE is the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world. "We have to be prepared and alert."

He stressed the need for all countries in the region to cooperate in combating the menace of terrorism as it is a scourge that afflicts and threatens all of us.

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