Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are comfortable playing in Pakistan: Ranatunga

Mumbai: Sri Lanka Cricket Board chief Arjuna Ranatunga gave Pakistan a thumbs up ahead of the important International Cricket Council's meeting at the week-end to discuss security concerns for the Champions Trophy to be held there in September.

"We have no problem in playing in Pakistan or India. Pakistan hosted six teams very well recently at the Asia Cup and I was there for the final. It was very well organised," said the 1996 World Cup-winning ex-Sri Lanka Test and ODI captain at a media conference on Thursday.

"So far the championship is in Pakistan and we have been told we are in the standby position," he added.

Ranatunga was also crystal clear in his views about Twenty20 cricket by saying they were good money spinners and should be used in protecting the sanctity and pre-eminence of Test cricket.

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