Sunday, July 20, 2008

Illuppakadavai captured

Troops from the 58 Division (Task Force 1), spearheaded by Commandos today reached the Sea Tiger camp at Illuppakadavai. A heavy firefight ensued today for nearly two hours. Tigers received a severe beating and survivors took tail. Exact number of casualties is unavailable.

The next targets lying in the 58s path are Vellankulam (7km), Nochchikudah (7km), Pallikuda and Pooneryn (20kms). The objective will be the latter, while the three former locations also have some significant sea Tiger Activity.

As Vellankulam ends, the Kilinochchi District begins. Thevampiddi Church to where the Our Lady of Madhu statue was removed to is also situated in Vellankulam. Thevampiddi is a small coastal village on the A-32. The 58 advance towards Vellankulam will happen simultaneously to the 57 advance towards Tunukkai and Mallavi on the eastern flank.

Sea Tigers have been at the receiving end lately, with cadres being killed and assets destroyed on a regular basis. The latest and most serious damage comes from an attack on the Sea Tiger base at Chalai in the Northeastern Coast.

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