Sunday, June 15, 2008

JVP’s doomsday not far away - Nandana Gunatilake

The controversial ex-hardcore JVPer and currently the General Secretary of the newly formed National Freedom Front, Nandana Gunatilake while inviting genuine members of the JVP to join them in their freedom struggle claimed that the present leadership of the JVP has deviated from its original struggle - the struggle to defeat imperialism.

He told the ‘Sunday Observer’ that the JVP, which took a different turn since 1995, is now misleading its members by promising the freedom struggle by trying to defeat the Mahinda Rajapaksa government.


Q: What is the idea behind forming the new political party - the National Freedom Front (NFF)?

A: Although we say Sri Lanka is an independent nation still we do not enjoy real freedom. Since 1948, from the day the country became free from the British, all the successive governments for the past 60 years, have failed to make the country ‘independent’.

The need of the hour is to make Sri Lanka an independent nation with the support of all citizens who love this country. I think this is the responsibility of this generation. That is why we came forward and our main target is to get political, economical and social - cultural independence. That is what we are striving for.

Q: You said that you could not realize that aim when you were with the JVP, which was considered to be the third force in the country. Do you think that the NFF with few members can fill the void?

A: Yes. Forming this party was not solely an idea of ours. Those who love this country and strive for a fully pledged freedom has led us to take this decision. This is a national quest, in which the JVP has failed so far.

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