Friday, May 16, 2008

Ten Killed and over 86 injured by suicide motor cyclist

A total of ten (10) which included eight Police constables and two civilians were killed and over (86) others were reported injured, some seriously, when a suicide bomber on a motor cycle crashed into a parked Police vehicle on Lotus road around 12.00 noon today (16) near the check point barrier close to Sambuddhaloka Viharaya, in Colombo, Fort. Among these 86 injured there were 30 policemen, Six Army personals and fifty innocent civilians.

Usually the city is busy at this hour on week days. Today, the roads were busier than usual as traffic was trying to leave Colombo before the rush hour to get away for the weekend especially as Monday and Tuesday also being holidays for the Wesak festival.

At the time of the incident there had been three vehicles belonging to the Police Riot Squad. One vehicle was a Police Bus with a contingent of constables and a few officers most of whom drawn for Duty from the Peliyagoda Police Station. The two other vehicles were equipped with water cannon. The contingents of Police were on 'stand by' duties at the time to meet any emergency. Most of the casualties were Policemen from the Peliyagoda Police station.

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