Thursday, May 8, 2008

Setusamundram project would facilitate LTTE: Swamy

Former Union minister Dr Subramaniam Swamy today told the Supreme Court that national security would be compromised if Sethusamundram canal project is completed ignoring the warnings given by the navy chief as well as director of coast guards according to whom the canal would facilitate the LTTE's activities in India.

Dr Swamy told a bench comprising chief justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices R V Raveendrtan J M Panchal that the canal project would help LTTE to shift its base to Cochin and they will have easy and direct acess from Zafna, LTTE's strong hold in Srilanka to Cochin in Kerala.

Dr Swamy, responding to the query of Justice R V Raveendran asking, who goes in the middle of the sea to offer pooja at Ramsetu also known as Adam's bridge said " we worship sun but we don't have to go to sun." Taking a dig at Tamil Nadu government he contended, in case of Jallikattu, where bulls were subjected to physical torture, the Tamil Nadu government took the stand that it is a matter of faith and in the present case where the faith of millions of Hindu's across the globe is involved the Centre and Karunanidhi government were not be prepared to accept the truth.

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