Sunday, May 18, 2008

Palampiddy Falls to Army’s Hand

LTTE TERRORISTS met another humiliating defeat in their battle with the troops to defend PALAMPIDDY, one of LTTE major strongholds in MANNAR, which fell into the hands of the Army by Saturday (17) afternoon.

Army had to face severe resistance by the terrorists and inched forward nearly for six days to reach PALAMPIDDY, about 8 km north of MADHU. PALAMPIDDY junction connects VIDATTALTIVU in northwest, MADHU in south, MULLIKULAM in southeast and NEDUNKANDAL in northeast. Fall of this former LTTE stronghold cripples administrative work and supplies to the terrorists.

Troops have so far recovered thirteen LTTE dead bodies, eleven T-56 weapons, one MPMG (Multi Purpose Machine Gun) and four communication sets from the area.

Troops after consolidating their positions in and around PALAMPIDDY are now conducting search and clear operations.

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