Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sri Lankan Army sharpshooter to take part in Beijing Olympics

A Sri Lankan Army sharpshooter, who has been a veteran in several battles with Tamil Tiger rebels, has been selected to compete in the Beijing Olympics in August, a local newspaper said on Sunday.

Sunday Island, one of the major English newspapers in Sri Lanka, said Staff Sgt. E. M. Senananayake of the Sinha Regiment excelled in the Free-Style (Open) Pistol Shooting competition at the 11th Asian Shooting Tournament in Kuwait last year.

Senananayke will compete with the world's best marksmen in his favorite events at the Olympics.

A veteran in army operations in the north and east, Senanayake who joined the Army in 1990 and underwent training at the Minneriya Infantry Training Cent was posted to the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment in 1990.

Unlike many other sportsmen and women who had joined services for benefits, S enanayake had faced the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) in the battlefield in the north and proved his capabilities as a soldier before he was recognized for his sharp shooting abilities.

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