Monday, April 28, 2008

Soldiers guarding Madhu church fear LTTE mines

Soldiers guarding the historic church of Madhu, which was liberated by Sri Lankan army recently, still fear attacks from LTTE militants, who have reportedly planted mines around the vandalised complex.

The Sri Lankan army, which took a media team from Colombo, did not allow the journalists to stay for long in the Church as they feared attack from the Tamil Tiger rebels.

The media team was asked by a brigade commander to cut short the queries and leave the place to avoid any problems.

"They (the LTTE) must have got aware of the presence of this meeting. We should not take any chances. Let us leave the place," the official said.

Though the LTTE fighters have abandoned the place and have moved way ahead, the military says it is taking no chance due to the guerrilla instinct of the tiger rebels.

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