Friday, April 18, 2008

'Rangoon Kakulu' rice to enter to Sri Lanka's local market from May

Sri Lanka Trade Ministry said that 10,000 metric tons of rice imported from Myanmar will be issued to the local market from the first week of May.

According to the sources the one-kilo of rice named 'Rangoon Kakulu' will be sold at a price between 50 to 55 rupees.

Sri Lanka government decided to import 100,000 metric tons of rice from Myanmar as the sky rocketing rice prices started to become a political football. Government complained that the trade mafia engineered the high prices while traders highlighted the adverse weather conditions as the reason for the lack of rice supply. According to the Ministry 10,000 MT of rice are to arrive in Colombo at the end of this month.

The imported rice stocks from Myanmar will be sold through cooperative societies, the Ministry further added.

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