Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Once again, LTTE with Qatar, Libya & Eritrea against Ethiopia & Sri Lanka

Funny how we never realize the inside international politics until some major event happens, like the Ethiopian closure of diplomatic ties with the Qatari royal government. A few months ago, no one knew (at least i didn't) if the Norway-LTTE-Eritrea link existed until Ethiopia told six Norwegian diplomats to leave the country.

A brief research allowed us back then to see Eritrea's role and Norway's symapthy for separatist movements that isolated Norway's pro-LTTE policy from the rest of the European Union (EU). Norway's sympathy for OLF and ONLF (and its Eritrean financers) got it kicked out of Africa's capital - Addis Ababa. Now yesterday's top news brings us to another interesting connection. That is between , the LTTE and Libya, Qatar, Eritrea against Ethiopia & Sri Lanka.

This time, it takes us back 8 years to the Eritrea vs Ethiopia border war. When Ethiopia used its coffee income and hardwon money to buy weapons and tanks from China and other countries.

Guess what? Eritrea was getting everything FREE from Libya and Qatar ! Apparently, both Eritrea and Ethiopia also bought military stuff from Russia. But again, the difference is Eritrea gets its funds with no sweats from Qatar and Libya. Eritrea also forces its Diaspora to pay large amount of tax...while Ethiopian government asked for Ethiopian Diaspora volunteers.
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David said...

Utter tosh.
And you believe and spreading it just because some Ethiopian with axe to grind bloged it?
Get your head examined, get your info from a news source that can substantiate their source, not a war monger Ethiopian bloger