Saturday, April 26, 2008

Government handed over Madhu Church to trustees

Sri Lanka Army opened Madhu Church for its trustees in this evening. Area Army commander and senior officials along with the trustees of the Madhu church attended this simple ceremony, our reports said.

The government said liberation of the Madhu Church precincts from the terrorists marks a watershed in the Northern war theatre. The troops trod with utmost caution in the sacred area, honoring a No Fire Zone arrangement, which the LTTE unfortunately violated. The soldiers ensured that no harm was caused to the Sacred Shrine, renowned throughout Asia.

The Army faced a formidable task vis-a-vis Madhu. The LTTE had heavily mined the area. The slightest propaganda by the troops and any damage to the Church would have sent the LTTE misinformation network into hyper drive. It is to their credit that they managed this feat without literally falling into the traps laid by the LTTE, physically and metaphorically.

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