Sunday, March 16, 2008

Remove Mervin or strike on Monday! Rupavahin employees tell President

The employees of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini (SLRC) Corporation have asked President Mahinda Rajapakse to take immediate action to arrest those responsible for brutal attacks on Rupavahini employees and take legal action against them. They have demanded that Minister of Labour Mervin Silva should be removed from his ministerial post and all those who have been victimized should be compensated.

They have warned that if their demands are not met they would resort to strike action from Monday (tomorrow). Five employees of Rupavahini Corporation have been attacked by thugs since Minister Mervin Silva broke into the corporation with his team of thugs to intimidate a news director and were detained and treated to an ink bath by the employees of the corporation.

The latest attack was on Anurasiri Hettige, a SLRC trade union leader, who was beaten by an unidentified gang using iron rods. Mr. Hettige is undergoing treatment in Intensive Care Unit of the Colombo National Hospital.

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